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Below are photos taken at WBZ radio of Morgan with some of his associates.  Then you wil find photos of Morgan entertaining and also being entertained.  If you have a picture with Morgan that you'd like to share with the world, send it in.

Morgan's son, Evan White, following his father in the communication's field, is a field reporter in Hartford, CT.
Morgan is very proud of Evan and his accomplishments.

Morgan with Big Elvis, Pete Vallee, in Las Vegas. Morgan entertained as an opening act for Big Elvis at Harrah's Casino.

Morgan in Las Vegas at The Price is Right!  Host Todd Newton is center with a model on one side and Morgan on the other.

Mary Zuehl in studio with Morgan during The Morgan Show. She was a surprise guest talking about national parks and her trip to the Grand Canyon.

Here are photos of Morgan performing at the Hatch Shell in Boston.  He performs annually before the Free Friday Flicks sponsored by WBZ.


Morgan relaxing on the set of That 70's show.  Morgan's friend, Chris Peterson, was one of the writers for the show.




Viva Las Vegas!  Morgan's favorite place to work and play.  Hanging out in the old Barbary Coast with Big Elvis between sets.

Morgan first became the subject of a famous artist in the 1970's.  John Wilson did a series of "Young Americans" which included several pictures of a young Morgan White Jr.  A few years later, in 2006, Judy Bartnicki did a pencil drawing of Morgan from the picture on the home page of this site.



Morgan with Mel Simons at a wrestling match in 1982.

Photos from Lottery's launch of The Three Stooges instant ticket. These photos include Carl Beane in one of his last public appearances.

Morgan with Paul Sternburg, Massachusetts Lottery Commissioner.

Morgan at work. Carl Beane is in the contest.

Morgan at WBZ radio.  Pictured with him are two fans, David and Daniel Goodman.  Also shown, Ken Meyer, a veteran WBZ radio personality and frequent contributor to overnights, and Jordan Rich, WBZ radio weekend personality.  Behind the scenes photos with Mark Lavallo.


Morgan and friends visited the set of the Price Is Right.  You can see Morgan standing in contestant's row, spinning the big wheel, and with Bob Cappello by the plaque to the entrance of the studio.  Bob Cappello is by the Plinko game, and there's a picture of the producer of The Price Is Right, Roger Dobkowitz.  


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