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 The Man from T.R.I.V.I.A.       
             The Professor of Trivia 
                     The Phenomenal Master

 Message from Morgan
  Check out the new article on the interview tab.

I am at Jacob Wirth's on both  Monday and Wednesday nights and O'Donnell's on Thursday night. 

Fill out a form on the contact information tab to have Morgan entertain at your next event.

  Check out the calendar to see where Morgan is performing in your area.

Morgan White Jr. has been entertaining people on radio and television, at private and public shows, and weekly club shows with his one-of-a kind brand of trivia for over 25 years.

Morgan has entertained in Las Vegas at several casinos and traveled to other states for performances over the past 20
years as well.

If you'd like to learn more about this uniquely talented man, click on the media clips.  Soon we will publish a full bio for you to see more of the phenomenon of Morgan.

If you'd like to join the triviots that are entertained weekly, then check out the calendar for his club shows. 

Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event, Bar Mitzvah, or harbor cruise, Morgan is available for private parties.  Check out the contact center for more information on hiring Morgan for your special event.  Trade shows and conventions are also part of his repetoire.

Of all the things that Morgan knows, he is computer illiterate, so remember when you send him messages, he is getting them from someone who does ticky,ticky.

A young fan enjoys trivia at Jacob Wirth's Restaurant on Tremont St. in Boston.

  Father & Son

WBZ Radio Morgan White Jr. and his son, WHAM Channel 13 Evan White, pose for picture at one of Morgan's shows. Evan is a reporter and fill-in anchor in Rochester, NY.

Talking Trivia
The Book

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Glossary of Morgan's words:

An affectionate term for anyone who enjoys trivia.  Triviots often have a wealth of seemingly useless knowledge in their heads.  They are proud to be 'smarter than the average bear' and to know where that reference came from.

ticky, ticky:
Morgan's term for anything done on the computer, whether it's building a website, writing email, or online fact finding.  Morgan does not ticky, ticky.

Morgan with Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino.
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